Just Like Pia Wurtzbach, This Adopted Chihuahua is Confidently Beautiful!

Ayen must have been born to be a head-turner. Her big soulful eyes and chiseled good looks are meant to grace the runway. But it is her dad’s unflagging commitment to her that draws out all the best in her, helping her become confidently beautiful just like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

beauty Queen Ayen adopted chihuahua dog

Ayen is a four-year-old chihuahua and her career is to join dog shows.

According to her dad Ram de Castro, “Queen Pia” is an inspiration. She reminds him that being confident can help us achieve our dreams. Inspired by Pia’s victory, he and Ayen decided to actively join dog fashion shows in Metro Manila.

beauty Queen Ayen adopted chihuahua dog

Ayen as well is Ram’s inspiration. He adopted her when she was just a puppy back in 2012.  “Ayen is a huge blessing to me. I can feel that she loves me more than anything else. Because of this, I personally created a dog gown and crown inspired by Queen P,” shares Ram.

“Because of Pia, my dog is always stunning. She always stood out, capturing the hearts of many. I realized that in any competition, we must not just be physically presentable, we should also be confident. Being confident is the key to get what you aim for,” he says.

Although there are times that Ram and Ayen go home empty-handed, they persevere. “It’s sad and depressing but Queen Pia made me realize that in times of downfall, we should never stop working to achieve our goals. In times like this, I tell myself that even if we don’t get the top spot today, we surely will have our own shining moment soon. We just need to move forward with optimism so we can become better versions of ourselves.”

beauty Queen Ayen adopted chihuahua dog

Ram and Ayen make sure to share their blessings as they always share their winnings with friends, colleagues, and dog-related organizations. “I also take those opportunities to teach them to be responsible pet parents and encourage them to treat their pets like their own children. For me, these beautiful creatures are not just animals but part of our family.”

Ram shares some advice for those considering to get a pet.
  • Research first before getting a pet. Make sure that you are prepared for all the costs involved.
  • Make sure that the pet you WANT is the right pet for you. Check for temperament, size, and personality.
  • Make sure to treat your pets as part of the family.

Lastly, Ram emphasizes that getting a pet is a lifetime commitment.

beauty Queen Ayen adopted chihuahua dog

We agree. A pet is not something you can just throw away when you tire of it. A pet is a thinking and feeling creature who has become dependent on you, just like a child. Our pets are also covered by the law, which calls for jail time of up to two years for those who abuse their pets.

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