Julia Barretto Claps Back at Matteo Guidicelli’s ”Ghosting” Remark Towards Gerald Anderson

During Julia Barretto’s guesting on “Tropang LOL” as a contestant of their “Maritest” segment on September 8, Joshua Garcia’s rumored girlfriend was not the only topic the actress responded to. Host Matteo Guidicelli briefly mentioned how “Gerald Anderson defined the word ‘ghosting'”.

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Matteo tried to gear away from the topic after seeing Julia’s facial expression upon hearing the remark. Fellow hosts were quick to react as well saying “bukas, siguradong viral ka nanaman, Matteo!” He then followed up, “I really did not know the word ‘ghosting’ before he did it–” before Julia could cut in and said, “Actually, it’s not the first time I heard it ah. You know why? The first time I heard that word actually, may nagkwento sa’kin about Matteo Guidicelli, pero hahaba ‘di ba?”

Matteo responded, “hahaba talaga, 11 minutes na lang eh.” “Okay,” Julia answered.

The banter between the two celebrities continued on for a few more seconds before moving on from the topic. Watch the full scene below:

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