Juiceria Cleanse: Juicing Your Way to a Healthier You

When In Manila, we all want to stay fit and healthy. However, keeping our diet clean may not always be easy with all the delicious temptations our city has to offer. Thankfully, there are companies like Juiceria who sell ready to drink organic juices to help us on our detox.

Juiceria Cleanse: On Cleansing

“The main goal in cleansing is to “reset” your system to make it catch-up with whatever it has been deprived of and to jumpstart to/maintain a healthier lifestyle. The happy side effects are losing weight, healthier skin, and naturally shifting to healthier diet after the program.”

I’ve tried juice cleansing several times in the past and it has never let me down. With all the food reviews I go to, I can’t help but feel a little bloated or “unfit” every now and then, juicing always does the trick. Bear in mind though that you shouldn’t start juicing if you’re only goal is weight loss. Yes, weight loss may be one of the effects, but it may also NOT happen. It depends from person to person as well as the the length of your juice cleanse.


Juiceria Cleanse: Programs

Juiceria Cleanse has 4 different programs for you to choose from:

  • Juiceria One Day Cleanse (P1,350) – “Everybody, even your body needs a break. You’ll be amazed what good a day of nutrition blast could do to your body. Through this program, you’ll get to dip a toe into reboot – 6 bottles of goodness for one day.” I’d personally recommend this if you’re already a healthy eater. At least one day of cleansing will do your body a lot of good.
  • Juiceria Newbie Cleanse (P2,600) – “consists of 4 bottles everyday for three days – is a great chance to give cleansing a go. This program gives you a feel of cleansing without going full swing on a reboot program.” If you’re new to the whole concept of Juicing, this will slowly ease you into it.
  • Juiceria Reboot (P3,750) – “Jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle with Juiceria’s Reboot program. This workable cleanse program with 6 bottles daily for 3 days allows you to eat a healthy lunch, yet experience the full benefits of natural cleansing.” If staying away from solid food for 3 days sounds a bit hard for you, then this is the program you’d want to go for. Juice cleanse while having a healthy lunch!
  • Juiceria Boot Camp (P4,800) – “Take on the Bootcamp program for maximum detox and cleansing effects. This program is all about drinking up to a healthier lifestyle! With 8 bottles daily for 3 days as total meal replacement, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised to meet the renewed you!” This is for the hard core juicers! 3 days of nothing but juice! This is where you’ll see the most results.

Juiceria Cleanse: My Boot Camp Story


I’ve tried various juice cleanses in the past, and each has something new to offer. For Juiceria Cleanse, their juices are to be drank at a certain order. The bottles are labelled from 1-6 to help you keep track. Each juice has a specific purpose hence the order.

1. Green Optimizer – The Green Optimizer is composed of banana, cucumber, carrots, spinach, sweet potato top, parsley, lemon and honey. It is the first drink recommended by Juiceria as it is the heaviest of all. The perfect drink to jump start your day. “Struggling with mind confusion, hypertension and skin aging?  This bottle of freshness is perfect for you!  Juiceria’s Green Optimizer has a positive effect on your mental functions, heart health and the elasticity of your skin.”

2. Orange Regulator – This drink is composed of apples, carrots and lemon. “It’s highly ideal in keeping your blood sugar levels in normal range. This drink also reduces the calories of your next meal by up to 15%. That’s trouble-free weight management for you. The Orange Regulator also inhibits cancer cell growth and controls blood pressure.”

3. Yellow Flusher – made of apple, pineapple mint. I personally thought this tasted a bit like soda because of the mint. Well, now I know how to make a healthy kind of soda! “These ingredients are intended to shed off excess weight while sweeping away the toxins from your body. Keep your system clean, your blood sugar controlled, and your skin looking its best. You may even reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoids, gallstones and kidney stones!”

4. Red Detoxifier – Composed of pineapple, cucumber and beets. “Feeling sluggish and weary all the time? You might need to detoxify. Keep tabs on your overall health and wellness and maintain your youthful glow. The Red Detoxifier can be your best ally.”

5. Tangerine Neutralizer – “The Tangerine Neutralizer is made from apple, carrot and celery. This healthy beverage is your perfect defense against fluid retention or edema. Drinking a bottle can help you lose excess fluid for a healthier and more active you. This drink also helps lock the nutrients in your body so you have more nutrients in your system even while you are on a detox program.”

6. Lime Reducer – “The Lime Reducer is made from cucumber, celery, moringa and lemon. This healthy mix helps keep your stress in control for a better disposition. It’s also ideal for those who are feeling jittery and burned out.”


The juices are produced fresh daily and delivered straight to your doorstep every night. For the first night, it comes in an insulated bag which you may reuse for the 2nd and 3rd day of your cleanse. Having the bag is really convenient as you can take your juices with you every day.


Juiceria Cleanse: On Exercise and Hunger

While on the cleanse, Juiceria recommends only doing some light exercises. Since I’m very much into the fit lifestyle, I tried to experiment and see if I could still do my normal workout routine while on the cleanse. I do insanity daily which may be pretty heavy depending on how you see it. I was able to workout but I wasn’t able to give my all as I didn’t have enough energy or carbs to burn. As for hunger, people have been asking me if I get hungry so here’s my answer. My stomach rumbles and grumbles just as it is about time to drink my next bottle. After drinking it, I feel full until the next bottle. There are days that I feel hungry immediately after drinking one bottle. I suggest you to drink some water to relieve your hunger as sometimes, our mind confuses thirst for hunger. However, if in any case you really feel hungry, you can always snack on some healthy and delicious fruits.

So, you think you’re up for the challenge? Get your life back on track and give your body a little break! Start your juice cleanse with Juiceria Cleanse today.


Juiceria Cleanse: Juicing Your Way to a Healthier You


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