Juice Footwear: For Young Fashionistas on a Budget

When in Manila and on a budget, fashionable young ladies will always want to stand out in tastefully made clothes, shoes and accessories. Trendy and comfortable does not have to mean expensive, though, and the New Year promises fashion-forward kicks that won’t put a dent on your wallet (or take a large chunk of your savings).

 Juice Footwear


Juice Footwear, the sister company of veteran Filipino flip-flops brand Offshore, regularly produces well-made, comfortable shoes in different designs and colors to help young fashionistas liven up their outfits. If you like wearing clothes of varying fabric, color and print, then it wouldn’t really make much sense to own just a single pair of shoes to go with your entire wardrobe, would it?

Whether you’re in school, at the mall or at the beach, you can definitely strut in style without hurting your budget, and even make long-lasting memories with your friends and family.

Juice Footwear’s updated collection of flip-flops and casual shoes cost a fraction of the price of the more popular brands and yet last just as long. Well-constructed shoes feature comfy, flat soles and quality fabric in plain designs and quirky prints.

Need a sturdy pair on your way to Boracay? We’ve taken a look at Juice Footwear’s shoe collection to feature a few here on When in Manila!


 Juice Footwear’s Sam comes in four brilliant colors: blue green, pomelo, navy blue and violet. This pair is very casual chic!



Juice knows how fond girls are of animal prints. This is why the company offers shoes in Cheetah available in brown and black.



Juice Footwear’s Jassy comes in beautiful dark green with orange stitching. Other colors available are black and beige.


 Green is in!


Juice Footwear updates the traditional boat shoes to  give us Pia, a pair of shoes featuring paisley print and adjustable cotton laces.



Juice flip flops range from Php 99.75 to 129.75, while the canvas shoes are from Php 249.75 to 299.75. Shoe sizes available range from 35 – 40, guaranteeing a pair for every Filipina foot! The brand is exclusively available at all SM Department Store branches nationwide.

When in Manila, it pays to know which products offer the best deal and value. Since its quality shoes don’t carry a hefty price tag, Juice Footwear is easily one of the ideal go-to brands for the budget-minded young fashionistas. Grab a pair for summer!



Juice Footwear

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Special thanks to models Brenda Santos and Patricia Ng.

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Juice Footwear: For Young Fashionistas on a Budget