Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Looking for Filipino Aspiring Voice Actors for Global Poetry Project

Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt surprised Filipino fans when he gave them a personal shoutout on his Facebook page to join his new global poetry project.

joseph gordon levitt

“Anyone from the Philippines interested in trying voice acting? All I need you to do is read one word out loud in Filipino/Tagalog,” he wrote on his post.

Through the website link he posted, Filipinos can join his “Poetry Around the World” project by recording themselves saying the word “poetry” in our native tongue. He is also accepting written poem submissions in Filipino.

“I love how much poetry as an art form draws upon the quirks, rhythms, and nuances of the language it’s written in,” Gordon-Levitt wrote about the project. “I wanted to start a project where we can collect poetry written in many different languages and see what larger projects they might spark.”

This initiative is found in the Hollywood star’s hitRECord website, an open-collaborative production company he established in 2010 which gives writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists space to “be your creative self.”

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