Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha Burger Needs to Return!



It’s now 2am and I woke up seriously craving for Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha burger!  ahuhuhuhuhu!!

I can still remember it’s commercial on tv when it was first introduced to the masses a looooong time ago! I was still a kid then and seeing that big chunk of pineapple being tossed onto Jollibee’s wickedly mouthwatering burger was just too irresistible that I even remember begging my granny to take me to Jollibee after every Sunday mass! I remember being awarded by an Amazing Aloha burger and Jolly Spaghetti whenever I would be a “good girl” for an entire week! lols

I never fail to get teary-eyed whenever I reminisce on my foodie memories with my granny and I find it so amazing on how a particular flavor would have such a huge impact in my childhood that I even find myself yearning for it from time to time. Perhaps, it’s a way for me to re-live a happy thought.  =)

To my surprise, I found out that it wasn’t just me who have been yearning for it and I’m elated to even find a facebook page petitioning for the Amazing Aloha burger’s come back!  I believe that the people from Jollibee should take this demand seriously! 

I’m still feeling hungry now and I’m convinced that no other burger can substitute for this yearning! No antidote… no other cure but the real thing!! 

If you happen to know anyone connected to the Jollibee executives, kindly relay this simple letter of request…


Dear Jollibee,

Years ago, your Amazing Aloha burger made my childhood so amazingly memorable that now, I really really wish you’d bring it back again to be savored and adored by today’s generation! I hope you’d bring it back and never take it out from your menu ever again! I’ve been a Jollibee kid since I was young and I would surely love to see my own future kids to grow as Jolly kids as well! 


Yours truly, 




I’d really appreciate it if you help out to support  this campaign to bring back the Aloha Burger’s Amazing goodness! Here’s the link to their Facebook page and I hope you tell your friends about it! 

If you also happen to have a twitter and Instagram, you may also help the cause by using this hashtag: #missingAlohaBurger



Hungry Tummies Unite!  WE CAN DO THIS!