Jollibee vs McDonald’s: The Battle of the Fried Chicken

I don’t really know how or why it began, but for some strange reason, fast food restaurants Jollibee and McDonald’s have recently been battling it out in what I personally call “The Battle of the Fried Chicken”. Obviously, we all have our preferences when it comes to this. I’m not here to shove my fried chicken preferences down your throats. I am merely here to marvel at the greatness of these two super fast food restaurants and their PR skills.

When did it all begin? I guess you could say it started with McDonald’s coming out with that controversial commercial called “Anong chicken ni Joy?”:




Not only did this commercial seemingly poke fun or taunt Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, but it was also pretty similar to this commercial by Jollibee, which was launched last year and asked “Bakit love natin ang Chickenjoy?”:


A lot of Filipinos claimed that the Chicken ni Joy commercial of McDonald’s reminded them and made them crave for Chickenjoy, but this didn’t stop McDonald’s from offering free Chicken McDo meals to Joys all over the country. One Chicken McDo meal for anyone named Joy and a friend? Yes, please!!! (Gonna be honest and say I wanted to pretend my name was AnJOYline for this.)

Free Chicken McDo

And then BAM. Jollibee announced they’d be giving out free Chickenjoy BUCKETS not just to Joys, but to everyone on #ChickenJoyNation!!! WHAT?!?? Clearly, hindi magpapatalo yung bubuyog na to.

Free Jollibee Chickenjoy Buckets

Never in my life have I experienced this kind of digital competition. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve been out with random people and hearing someone suddenly screaming, “Ohhhh, free chicken for Joys daw!” or “Ohhh, Jollibee fought back again!” It’s fun, and it’s kinda cute. Plus, who knows? Maybe both fast food restaurants are actually working together to sell more fried chicken. Either way, well played, guys. Keep it going. The more free fried chicken for everyone, the better. :p