“Jollibee, mahal ka ba ni Hetty?” Jollibee is definitely our sawi spirit animal

In an almost cruel twist of fate, the bee we have come to love might not be loved by all after all!

We all know Jollibee. He’s on every street corner, everywhere we turn we’ll bump into big red letters emblazoned onto a building: “Jollibee.” And for many of us, it’s a ray of wonderful, comforting light. Jollibee has been our constant companion through thick and thin.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer to think that hey, we all love him. He’s brought smiles to our faces for so long that it’s kind of impossible to think that he might be hated at all. But alas, even Jollibee is a victim of unrequited love!

In this video, Jollibee shows us his heartbreak of not being loved by Hetty, another name and face we’ve grown up with. And, before any of us can even type, “same,” he shows us that he, too, has his moments of heartbreak.

Watch the video below:


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