Barney’s Space Adventures

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WHEN IN MANILA,  always check out events/musicals/plays for kids at TicketWorld and ALIW Theater. Last week, the most famous and adored giant purple dinosaur, Barney and his friends BJ, Baby Bop and cousin Riff, took everyone on a space adventure! The fun musical, BARNEY’S SPACE ADVENTURES, had 10 shows only from 26th to 29th April 2012 at the ALIW Theater. This was produced by Smile Live Entertainment and HIT Entertainment; and, presented by Lunchbox Theatrical productions.

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The story was simple but it somehow encouraged the children’s imagination to be more creative. Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and Cousin Riff headed into outer space and landed on The Perfectly Purple Planet, where they met friendly space people and celebrated Barney’s love of fun and children.

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Barney’s Space Adventures was a humorous musical show that brought pure delight to kids. This was the perfect celebration of Barney’s 23 years of love, caring and sharing for children across the world. It was very educational as Barney sang all the kids’ favorite Barney songs and more – from teaching about manners, keeping a secret, and to being just plain silly 🙂

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The ALIW theater was filled with fun, laughter, fantasy and excitement all throughout the Barney’s Space Adventures Musical. All the kids were very happy – clapping, dancing and singing the whole time (^,^)

WHEN IN MANILA, always check out  TicketWorld, Aliw Theater and Lunchbox Theatrical Productions for upcoming events 🙂

WhenInManila photos by JoTan23

Barney’s Space Adventures