Jin Joo Korean Grill: Serving Korean Cuisine with a Filipino Twist

Korean cuisine is naturally spicy. And while it’s delicious as it is, one restaurant gives it a twist, so that it can match the Filipino market even better. Check out Jin Joo Korean Grill. 

Jin Joo literally translates to “pearl”, and its name truly speaks for itself because Jin Joo Korean Grill is a must-try restaurant for your Korean fix. While samgyeopsal, bulgogi, and others wrapped in fresh lettuce and dipped in sesame oil are already enough to satisfy your cravings; they also specialize in cheesy goodness to take things up a notch. Even better, they are conveniently located inside the mall. Their first branch opened in SM Aura Premier, and now, they have opened their second one in Eastwood City, which can accommodate up to 100 people. 

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You may think that this is just another Korean restaurant, but to differentiate themselves, they have made their food a bit more suitable for Filipinos by adding a bit of sweetness to every dish. While the foundation is still traditionally Korean, they upped their game by enhancing the flavors. Upon tasting, you’ll get what I mean. 

As stated, they are known for their cheese like the Cheese Deung Galbi, or Cheesy BBQ Ribs in English. It’s one of their bestsellers and I can totally see why. The servers melt a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheese in front of you and, when it is hot and elastic enough, they’ll wrap it around their well-cooked BBQ Ribs. If that’s not cheesy enough for you, this meal also comes with Cheesy Kimchi Rice—a match made in heaven!

If you’re fond of cheese AND spicy food, this one is for you. Their Fire Chicken with Cheese is incredibly flavorful. The spice of the chicken meets the mellow sweetness/saltiness of the cheese and just explodes in your mouth with every bite. The chicken is also served with some vegetables and the crowd-favorite tteokbokki to balance it all out.

Aside from those cheese-centered products, they also have other savory items that you might like. For starters is the Hemeul-Pajeon, a seafood pancake with a very light omelette-like texture. Apparently, this dish is often ordered by their customers. 

They also have unlimited side dishes with every dish. Their side dish options change every two weeks, but they are replenished daily to ensure the utmost freshness.  

Jin Joo Korean Grill also has this soup called Buddae Jjiggae. It is the kind of soup you’ll want to slurp to the last drop because its spicy broth will give you all the energy you need. This is also perfect to wash down all the meat you’re about to eat. 

For the main course, JinJoo’s 8 Flavours is a must-order, a set of their specialty meat laid down on a long platter. This set is composed of 8 90-grams of meat marinated in 8 different flavors—garlic, curry, red wine, and many more. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s also utterly delicious. 

You can opt to try their Beef Bulgogi, too, or their Galbi Jim (Beef Stew) if you prefer beef. The Beef Bulgogi is their bibimbap bowl with beef as the topping. It’s big enough for 2-3 people to share.

Their Galbi Jim is also for sharing, but be sure to pair it with rice! The thick soup is rich in taste, so to equalize it, rice is all you need to appreciate it all the more.

Jin Joo Korean Grill is also planning on adding ice cream to cap off their meals. However, you can also order drinks like Soju, Rice Juice, and Jinjoo Coolers (their specialty drink) if you just want some unique beverages to wash everything down.

For a special Korean experience, Jin Joo Korean Grill is the place to be. Tag your friends who might enjoy a cheesy time!   Jin Joo Korean Grill will also be opening branches in The Podium and Mall of Asia this year, so watch out for that, as well! 

Jin Joo Korean Grill Eastwood

Open daily during mall hours

Eastwood City, 116 Eastwood Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City


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