Jessie J Shares Her Joyful Childbirth Experience

Jessie J shared her joyful childbirth experience as she welcomed her baby boy!

On Instagram, the singer uploaded a video of her playfully dancing while wearing a hospital gown five minutes before her surgery to share her positive childbirth experience.


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“I spent 9 months prepping for a natural birth. Strict food, the epi no, yoga, swimming, hypnobirthing methods. I had a tens machine, a birthing comb, I wanted a pool birth ideally with no medication. BUT this was MY plan to stay disciplined and focused,” she said.

Jessie also revealed that she had a C-section for the safest birth, as the baby was completely positioned the opposite way and stuck because of his “a little chunkier” size.

“I went into active labour the night before and feeling all the feels but mostly just excitement for us to meet our baby boy,” she added.

Even though her birth plan didn’t go as expected, she still happily shared how fulfilling it was. “I had a birth and it was everything I wanted because I got him at the end of it, that’s all that matters.”

Her fans and other celebrities flooded the comment section with uplifting messages.

“I understand you, they chose the way to come ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” singer-songwriter Luiza Caspary wrote.

“Ahhhh I could cry. Congratulations Jess, wow. From four letter word to this. So beautiful, love you,” voice producer and songwriter Simone Torres expressed.

Jessie announced that she was expecting a baby in January this year. Prior to that, she had revealed that she suffered from a miscarriage in 2021.

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