Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez Share What Their Dream Yes Days Would Be Like

Have you watched the fun and emotion-filled family film ‘Yes Day’ on Netflix yet? We got to interview the stars of the film, Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez, on Zoom recently, and they shared that the movie finished filming ‘Yes Day’ just a few weeks before the lockdown happened. Because of this, what they went through while shooting and what the film meant before the pandemic are indivisible to Edgar, who plays Carlos Torres in the film.

Edgar shares that this is actually his very first comedy film and that Jennifer personally invited him to be a part of it – and we absolutely love how he portrayed Carlos.

Yes Day Edgar Ramirez Superhero


Despite not being a dad yet himself, Edgar shares that he is a hands-on uncle and that the story of ‘Yes Day’ was very important to him. “It’s a celebration of family, which means a lot to me,” he reveals. “I’m very close to my family and very appreciative of the concept of family – both the family you’re born in and the family that you choose.”

It turns out Edgar hasn’t seen his family since the pandemic started, so the movie has regained a bigger and deeper meaning for him. “I know it’s also the reality of millions of people around the world who haven’t been able to be physically in the same space with their family; so it is our hope that when people watch this film, that they are going to be hopeful – that this is going to pass, that we’re gonna pull through and sooner or later, we are going to be in the same physical space with the people we love the most and we’ll be able to hug them, to kiss them, and to never let them go. That, to me, today, would be the perfect Yes Day: just to be in the same physical space with my family and the people I love the most.”

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On a lighter note, both Jennifer and Edgar shared what their dream Yes Days would’ve been like when they were kids.

Jennifer shares that hers would definitely involve going to the grocery store and buying things like Doritos, Pringles, and Fruit Loops – basically just junk food – because her mom never let them have any of it. Buying store-bought clothes would also have been on her list since her mom made all of their clothes. Other things on her list include going to see a play or a ballet, having a party with her friends and flying kites, and then a big dinner with her whole family. “Actually, I would still want the same things,” she admits. “I still want junk food, to go shopping, to have a big dinner, to see a Broadway play, and fly kites with my girl friends. That sounds like heaven.”

Edgar shares how ecstatic he was that one of his ultimate childhood dreams actually made it into the movie: to eat endless amounts of ice cream. During the interview, he reminisced about his childhood in Valenzuela and how obsessed he was with an ice cream commercial there. “It was about this kid dressed as an adult and everyone is looking at him,” he shares. “He sits down and the waiter comes with scoops and scoops and scoops of ice cream. So when I read the script, I couldn’t believe it! And then we ate ice cream for three days. I loved it! That was my childhood dream come true.”

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