Jennifer Aniston Drops “Friends” Bloopers on Courteney Cox’s 59th Birthday

Courteney Cox just turned 59 years old last Wednesday, June 15. Her long-time friend, Jennifer Aniston, took to Instagram to greet the celebrant with a sweet birthday message, the cutest BFF photos, and some “Friends” bloopers!

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Photos: Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

I’d like to take a moment and wish my dearest CC the happiest of birthdays,” she began her post. “If you’ve been lucky enough to know her, you know how incredible she is. The biggest heart and most generous of humans.” As if all of us, “Friends” fans, didn’t wish to be *lucky enough* to be friends with both of them!

“I love you, Cox-N-Hammer! Happy Birthday,” she signed. Cox also replied with her nickname for Aniston, “Love you, Jenny Louise. ♥️♥️♥️”


Joining the chat is Reese Witherspoon, commenting “Love this beautiful/talented/brilliant woman so much! Happy birthday, [Courteney Cox].” Witherspoon also guested on “Friends,” playing the role of Jill Green or the youngest sister of Rachel (played by Aniston). Currently, she is Aniston’s co-star in Apple TV+’s ongoing comedy-drama series, “The Morning Show”.

The series of photos Aniston shared include throwback shots of the two, with one of them kissing each other (which Joey would’ve loved to see) and Aniston spotting Cox while doing a handstand. In between these pics are bloopers from their hit TV show, where Cox accidentally spit on Aniston while delivering her lines in one, and Cox completely forgets her lines in another. Check out the post below!


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Aniston also joined Cox earlier this year to unveil her star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame together with their fellow “Friends” star, Lisa Kudrow.


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