If You See Jeffree Star’s Concealers Being Sold Online, Don’t Buy It

Makeup mogul, businessman, and YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star has recently become a victim of a warehouse robbery where USD 2.5 million worth of makeup were stolen—including his yet-to-be-released concealers.

In an emotional tell-all video on Jeffree’s channel, he shares the full story of how his warehouse had been broken into a few weeks prior when he was out-of-town to launch his brand new Blue Blood Collection. “So the people who broke into my facility, they are black market makeup dealers,” he said. “They have hit Anastasia [Beverly Hills] about a year and a half ago … I don’t know if it’s the same people.”

He called the thieves “professionals” and believed that it was “an inside job” caused by someone who temporarily worked at the facility.

“They hit us really hard. They came in through the roof. It was a very professional job. It was a team of people. And when you watch footage of this stuff, it’s so gut-wrenching to see people take your shit and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long. I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Among the many products that were stolen were his new Blue Blood eyeshadow palette, Skin Frost Highlighters, Velour Lip Liners, and an entire shade of his upcoming Magic Star Concealers.

Jeffree claims that he and his team have spent the past weeks keeping the robbery as contained as possible and scouring the Internet for people who would leak the new concealer. It was when a girl posted it on sale at the Facebook Marketplace that the news spread like wildfire.

The girl wasn’t involved in the robbery but she was allegedly in contact with the black market dealers from whom she sourced the photo.

“The girl that leaked the photo, she is part of the problem,” Jeffree said. “Because she hit up the black market dealer, stole that person’s photo, and then posted it in a Facebook makeup group.” He claims that the girl is now in jail.

Jeffree Star Magic Concealer leak

Jeffree hopes that he gets back as many products that were stolen from him as possible and appeals to his fans, customers, and viewers to report anybody selling the stolen goods.

“If you see any stolen makeup or counterfeit makeup even, cause that is a whole other subject, please report it. My social media is always open. If you want to share anything that you see for us to track down or investigate, I’d really appreciate it.”

On the bright side, he said that he’ll be bumping up the launch of the new concealers, which means the official reveal will be much closer than you think.

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