Jansport Super Sized Summer: Fun, Sweat, and Prizes

When in Manila be on the look out for another Jansport event.

Jansport Supper Sized Summer, a promotional event introducing a new line of backpacks for kids returning to school, was a huge success. In total there must have been close to, if not more than, a thousand people at the event and nearly a hundred teams registered for the race. Talk about a crowd! The location for this fiesta was SM Mall of Asia.

Ivica Rae and I covered this event and were partners in the race  on behalf of WhenInManila.com . We arrived, received our race outfits, and prepared ourselves for the race. A speaker introduced the teams to the nature of the event, the rules, and what the prizes were. I was stoked after hearing the first placed team would win 50,000 pesos and was ready to sprint until I couldn’t anymore.  Each team had to complete the challenge together.

Jansport Super Sized summer, officially labeled as a ‘larger-than-life race challenge’, consisted of ten challenges that had to be completed. The challenges were spread through SM Mall of Asia making running a necessary component to win. Each team had to start standing on a tarp placed right before the stage. The challenges could be completed in any order and every challenge could only accommodate a specific number of teams. These two facts allowed for some strategizing. Ivica and I planned accordingly.


We planned to finish the challenges which allowed the fewest number of teams first so we didn’t have to waste time waiting for others to finish.  The first challenge we ran to only allowed a few teams at a time and there was a line.  Talk about poor planning!  We ran to another challenge in sight of this and lo and behold we were surprised!  The challenge we chose was the one liter challenge. 


The one liter challenge required us to drink one liter of Coca Cola with a straw and no hands.  This turned out to be a poor way to start and our tummies reminded us of this later on.  After that we sluggishly ran from challenge to challenge occasionally asking for directions.  With haste and some agility we plowed through the following challenges:  Unlock the Giant Jansport, Giant Puzzle, Spot the Difference, Wall Climb, Coil Crawl, Sack Race, Obstacle Course, Inflatables, and Memory Game.

Finally after a little more than an hour we finished.  Phew!  At this point we were drenched in sweat.  I don’t remember the last time I sweat so much!  We didn’t win but we had lots of fun.  I wasn’t anticipating having such a great exercise.  As the event progressed awards were given out.  Fifty-Thousand pesos for the first place team, thirty-thousand pesos for the second placed team, and twenty-thousand pesos for the third place team.  Not bad eh?  Other gifts were also handed out like stylish backpacks, fun sunglasses, and water bottles.


The remaining portion of Jansport Super Sized Summer consisted of trivia games with prizes, amazing musicians, and a phenomenal dance troupe.  Other activities featured were henna artists and a photography booth.  All together Jansport Super Sized Summer was a huge success and well worth going to. When in Manila and looking for some fun consider going to the next Jansport event.  You won’t regret it!


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