James Reid Vents on Instagram: “Sorry, This is My Life.”

Uh-oh, did Kapamilya actor James Reid  just vent on Instagram?

James Reid

After “touchy feely” photos of him and Ningning star Debs Garcia went viral, the singer-actor indirectly made it clear that his private life is separate from what people see on-screen.

He posted on his Instagram account: “I don’t expect you to understand me. I get that you all want me to just live your fantasy.. But sorry, this is my life. Also, stop talking on Nadine’s behalf you don’t know what she thinks or feels.”

James Reid

Additionally, a few days before, the On The Wings of Love actor also posted: “I’ve never pretended to be anything but myself. Everyone, stop acting so surprised all the time.”

What do you guys think of the issue? Do you agree with James on this? Comment your thoughts below!


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