Jake Cuenca Speaks Up About Car Chase Incident: “I Was Fearing for My Life”

On October 9, Saturday night, Jake Cuenca was arrested by authorities after he reportedly made a run for it after accidentally hitting a police vehicle. The news quickly went viral, with a lot of harsh criticisms targeted at the 33-year-old actor.

But now, Cuenca has come forward to explain his side. In an interview with TV Patrol, the actor shared, “In that moment, I was thinking, I was fearing for my life.”

Here’s what happened, according to Jake: He was on his way to friend Paolo Avelino’s home, when civilians, “armed civilians,” he emphasized, started flagging down his car. “My instinct talaga was to not stop, to just go forward, to get away from trouble,” Cuenca explained. He added that the men were riding unmarked cars, too.

Unbeknownst to Jake, the armed civilians were undercover cops on a buy-bust operation, and they were stopping him as he accidentally side-swiped one of the police cars. Jake, however, admitted that he was not aware that he hit another vehicle. He said that there was no trace of contact with another car on his vehicle—no paint, marking, or damage, aside from those caused by the gunshots fired by authorities in an attempt to stop him.

According to the report, Jake only felt secure after hearing police siren and seeing uniformed men. Jake shared that he was surprised to find out that the police were chasing after him, and not the “armed civilians” who shot at his vehicle. But as soon as Cuenca understood the situation, he explained that he immediately cooperated. “Hindi ako nanlaban, hindi ko sila pinahirapan.”

Jake also promises to extend assistance to the Grab rider who was shot by a stray bullet. “Despite the police taking that responsibility, I also want to extend my hand, in any way, shape, or form to help him and his family. I’m willing to do that.”

Jake Cuenca’s vehicle, a Jeep Rubicon, has been returned to him, but the actor admits that the experience was quite traumatizing.

Watch the whole interview here:

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