J’Adore Le Fromage: A Celebration of French Artisanal Cheeses at Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet


 Cheese 101 – A hundred and one varieties of cheese await at Spiral’s L’epicerie.


J’Adore Le Fromage: A Celebration of French Artisanal Cheeses at Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet

Have you ever had the pleasure of dining Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s renowned Spiral Buffet? If so, have you ever ogled at their expansive collection of cheeses in the Cheese Room and wondered how much they go through in a week? If you are just as curious as I am, it would be nice to know that the Spiral Buffet’s one-of-a-kind L’epicerie goes through around A TON of cheese (literally, not figuratively – one ton) in one week – that’s a lot of cheese! Having said this, it can easily be pointed out that us Filipinos have developed quite a taste for specialty cheese, and Spiral Buffet will only satisfy this craving even further for the month of July.


   So much cheese! Give in to your inner gourmand and try them all at Spiral’s L’epicerie this July.



These 101 cheese varieties range from fresh and soft with mild flavors, to aged cheese which are harder and have a more powerful flavor. 



 Maître Fromagier Gérard Poulard with his collection of artisanal French cheeses.


In celebration of Bastille Day and in recognition of Sofitel’s French heritage, the luxury hotel will be flying over a hundred and one varieties of premium and artisanal French cheeses from various parts of France, all from the collection of Maître Fromagier Gérard Poulard. These cheeses will grace the walls of Spiral’s L’epicerie or Cheese Room in the much-awaited “J’Adore Le Fromage,” an epicurean journey of epic proportions, featuring the myriad flavors and textures from the vast landscapes of France’s countryside.


How cheese taste usually varies depending on the methods by which they are prepared and aged, the types of animals from which the milk is produced, as well as the environment these animals live in and the food they eat.


sofitel-spiral-buffet-cheese-festival-july-2014-8When tasting different cheese varieties, it is best to first start from the lighter-tasting varieties then to gradually progress to more flavorful types so as not to overwhelm the palate. 

J’Adore Le Fromage – a celebration of over 101 types of artisanal cheese at Spiral’s L’Epicerie

From the 9th to the 13th of July, experience the authentic flavors that embody the French legacy and lifestyle with over 101 types of cheeses that will be featured throughout the week-long celebration. These cheese varieties will be available at Spiral’s Cheese Room for lunch and dinner. Guests may also have the chance to meet the Maître Fromgier Gérard Poulard and wine expert Pierre-Marie David from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. In culmination of the festivities, expect a display of fireworks at Sofitel on the 13th of July to mark the celebration of Bastille Day.


The best wines and cheeses from the collections of France’s premier connoisseurs will be available Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Le Bar this July.



 Featuring wines from the collection of wine master Monsieur Pierre-Marie David.


Le Bar Wine and Cheese Buffet – July 10, 2014

We all know that nothing makes a better pair than wine and cheese; with this in mind, Sofitel Philippine Plaza will also be offering a wine and cheese buffet at Le Bar on the 10th of July. Enjoy the privilege to sample exquisite pairings of wine and cheese featuring artisanal cheese varieties from the collection of cheese master Gérard Poulard and 15 types of specialty wines from the collection of wine connoisseur Pierre-Marie David, all especially flown in from France, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.




  Monsieur Pierre-Marie David tells us that in pairing wine and cheese, it is best to match soft/lighter-tasting cheeses with stronger wine varieties and vice-versa as this balance makes for a better compliment between flavors.


Private Wine and Cheese Tasting Classes at Spiral – July 10 to 13, 2014

For Cheese aficionados who’d like to take their passion further, Spiral will also be offering private wine and cheese tasting lessons from the masters themselves, Monsieurs Gérard Poulard and Pierre-Marie David. These exclusive classes will be held from the10th to the 13th of July at Spiral’s L’Epicerie, strictly by reservation, with a maximum of 8 participants for each class. Private wine and cheese tasting lessons are priced at Php 1,500 net per person. To register, visit Spiral’s Facebook page here.


 With Monsieur Gérard Poulard himself, who turns out to be very and warm and friendly!


Sofitel Philippine Plaza brings us the finest in the art of epicure for this week-long celebration of great cheese and wine. No other advice would be fit than to pack an adventurous palate and sink your teeth into the special affair, when in Manila. “J’adore Le Fromage,” 101 types of French artisanal cheeses will be available at Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Spiral Restaurant from July 9 to 13, 2014.




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J’Adore Le Fromage: A Celebration of French Artisanal Cheeses at Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet


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