J.Co Donuts Now In Manila, Yummy Asian Gourmet Donuts For The Asian Taste

J.Co Donuts Megamall, the J.Co Donuts store in the Philippines


When In Manila, nothing can get more exciting than an international food brand invading the foodie corners of the capital. This time, its an Indonesian brand that is taking the Metro by storm. Meet J.Co Donuts and Coffee! Luckily for me, I was drafted by the When In Manila team to be at the company’s flagship Philippine store at The Strip in SM Megamall A.


Price Board for J.Co Donuts per piece or by dozen


Socializing and J.Co Donuts, the ultimate mix of food and fun


I arrived to the scene of people “dressed to impress” with some celebrities arriving in for the occassion. J.Co Donut‘s store in Megamall is small but it squeezed in media and bloggers with no one complaining. After all, who would do so with free flowing donuts, frozen yogurt and drinks? Yes, free flowing just for the special occasion!


Wide selection of J.Co donuts displayed in the glass case


 J.Co Mona Pisa Donuts


I immediately checked the glass case and it was filled with all kinds of donuts and all kinds of flavors! Flavors sourced around the world like Belgian chocolates, Californian almonds, American honey, New Zealand cheese, even Japanese Matcha green tea and avocado!


J.Club Cheezy Rich donut sandwich by J.Co 


J.Co Donuts’ mini-donuts or what is called J.Pops


What was mostly served was the mini version of the donuts called J.Pops. I tasted all of the J.Pops served inside the store but nothing beats the one called Alcapone, which is white chocolate-covered donut topped with California almonds! No wonder since it was actually the best seller among the donuts. In fact, no regular size of the Alcapone donuts ever reached my hand since most of those near the counters got it.


J.Co Choco Caviar Strawberry


Other than Alcapone donuts, Choco Caviar Strawberry was a hit! One notable thing about J.Co Donuts is that its sweetness is not the “diabetes-inducing” type of sweetness but rather balanced while retaining its rich flavor. J.Co Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Andrean, puts it as not just donuts but as gourmet donuts which caters to the Asian taste. 


Iced Choco Forest Frappe from J.Co Donuts and Coffee


J.Cool Lychee Yogurt with real whole Lychee fruit chunks at J.Co


If you think donuts is the only real deal with J.Co, you are wrong. I got to taste their J.Cool or fat-free frozen yogurt selection, especially their Lychee Yogurt which actually had big chunks of real fruit in it. Also their J.Coffee selection of cold coffee and frappes are made of premium Italian Roasted Arabica Coffee! How’s that? Folks from J.Co told me they value their customers, that’s why they offer only the best of ingredients. No wonder why J.Co already made waves in Southeast Asian cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bali.


 Hosts Karylle and Luis Manzano at J.Co Donuts Opening


The opening night was hosted by Karylle and Luis Manzano. Since it was the night to “dress to impress“, some celebrities and models dressed as famous historical figures, Hollywood celebrities and fairytale characters. Hosts Karylle and Luis Manzano role played as Halle Berry and Al Capone for Heaven Berry and Alcapone donuts respectively, while models for Jackie Chan, Mona Lisa, Snow White, Leonardo di Caprio, Britney Spears introduced donut varieties Jacky Chunky, Mona Pisa, Snow White, Avocado di Caprio and Berry Spears.


Karylle and Luis with a model posing as Leonardo di Caprio for…


Avocado di Caprio, the J.Co donut inspired by the Actor


Yummy flavors and combinations, isn’t it? Visit J.Co for your donut and coffee fix. While the Megamall Branch is the first to open, branches in TriNoMa, Greenbelt, Mall of Asia and Alabang Town Center will open late this year.


When In Manila, experience the next level of Asian sweetness and yumminess with J.Co Donuts and Coffee.


J.Co Donuts and Coffee Megamall

The Strip, SM Megamall B, Ortigas Center

Email: hello@jcodonuts.com.ph

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J.Co Donuts Now In Manila, Yummy Gourmet Donuts For The Asian Taste

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