J.CO Donuts & Coffee Open In Manila




When In Manila, what happens when a whole bunch of donuts are delivered to a photography studio? A lot of mouth watering photos!  It was a lazy afternoon at Imagine Nation Photography when J.CO Donuts & Coffee delivered a bunch to pump some sweet sugar into our veins!  



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 1


 J.CO Donuts & Coffee is an premium international brand of coffee and donuts that started in Indonesia in 2005.  Since then it has successfully opened outlets in Malaysia, China, Singapore, and is now coming to the  Philippines.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 2



Think this – Belgian Chocolates, Californian Almonds, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Italian Roasted Coffee! These are just some of the worldclass ingredients these donuts are made up of. If life were a box of donuts – your tastebuds would be in for a surprise.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 3




J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 4



Are you ready for a sampler?  Maybe we can start with the Alcapone.  It’s J.CO’s signature product where Belgian White Chocolate meets crunchy Californian Almonds! Almonds from California, White Chocolate from Belgium, and originally created in Indonesia.  A fusion for the senses.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 10



Aside from being such eye candy, it was really nice to eat.  Crunchy and nutty and it wasn’t very sweet that’s why our official ChibographerLai – ate it all after photographing it.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 9



Can I tease your tastebuds more with these? 🙂



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 5




J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 6



An interesting flavor to note is Green Tease which has a very unique taste.  That’s because of Macha Tea (the best green tea variant) imported from Japan.  



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 7



Then there’s Donna Italiano – smooth nutty filling with creamy Italian chocolate with a hint of espresso.

There’s Heaven Berry, Why Nut, Cheese Me Up, Coco Loco and Glazzy.  With such creative names you know you’re really in for a treat.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 8


There’s really so much to discover in a box, a pizza flavored one – it was our first time to taste a donut that wasn’t at all sweet. It was like eating a pizza, only donut shaped.


J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 12


It was such a bunch of unique flavors that everybody in the studio got excited to try each and every one of them.  The yellow/orangy packaging definitely lifted moods too!  After being burried in each other’s desk the whole day, this was definitely a welcome break.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 11



It’s pretty much like finding a donut that fits your mood.  And after getting super curious on what else J.CO has got to offer we saw on their site : Jcoccino Freeze, J. Cool Yogurt, Choco Forest Freeze, J.Pops Baby Donuts and Cafe Avocado.


Here’s one of our pretty layout artists, Iona, ready to place J.CO Donuts next to her desk to pump up that creativity even further.



J CO Donuts Coffee Manila 13



This I say with utmost sweet-toothed-sincerity  – I CAN’T WAIT FOR J.CO DONUTS MANILA TO OPEN!  Target date is March 15, 2012 at SM Megamall.  Located at the Ground Floor – Mega B side – in between Seattles Best Coffee and Mang Inasal.  


When In Manila, nothing can get sweeter than this!  See you all there!



J.CO Donuts & Coffee

The Strip

G/F SM Megamall – Mega B

Edsa cor Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center

Mandaluyong, Metro Manila