These ITZY Watches are Inspired by the Members’ Shining Personalities

Yes, ITZY watches exist!

If you’re a MIDZY like me, then you’re going to love these ITZY watches by G-SHOCK.

ITZY Watches Complete

Photo from G-SHOCK

ITZY Watches by G-SHOCK

This collaboration between G-SHOCK and brand ambassador ITZY delivers a cool, fashionable monochromatic look in several different colors inspired by all of the members’ shining personalities.

As with all of the other G-SHOCK watches we know and love, these ITZY watches are shock-resistant and are available in three models and colors: beige pink, white, and translucent black.

ITZY as G-SHOCK brand ambassadors is truly the perfect fit as their powerful songs and performances match so well with the brand’s core identity of toughness.


Photo from G-SHOCK

Designed in collaboration with ITZY themselves, the lineup makes fashion coordination a snap. Multicolor accents evoking the official ITZY ring lights adorn the index marks on the dial while ITZY logos also appear on the dial and case back. Even the special packaging has printed signatures of the ITZY members on it – a definite must-have for MIDZYS

ITZY Watches Back

Photo from G-SHOCK

Make sure to collect all of the ITZY watches. They go with practically any outfit and are oh-so-comfortable to wear. Take it from us. 🙂


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