Its More Fun in Kalayaan : Festivals, Foodies, Friendships at UP Kalayaan Dorm #PasalubongFestival2013


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When In Manila, can you tour the Philippines in one day? Imagine that. Believe me or not you can, when you join in the annual Pasalubong Festival of  the Kalayaan Dorm at UP Diliman. Surely you can now scream, yeah “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Or say, “It’s more fun in Kalayaan”!




Pasalubong Festival is an annual thingy (okay, calm down and let me use this word ‘freshies’ for the lack of cool adjectives) of the dormitory organized by residents themselves. Usually, they do celebrate it every 2nd or 3rd week of January when residents were back from an awesome vacay (slang for vacation). Kalayaan is an exclusive dormitory for UPD’s freshmen, so yes better expect some of the most innovative, wacky, and colorful show from the most intellectual batch of freshmen in the country. Let’s just call them ‘freshies’ (Oh yeah guys, you are cool).






I like it when people pray before anything else happens, I salute you  Region 6 !!! Awesome!




 You gotta like this  Shirt huh? I want one of this , can you send me one?




 Practicing before program starts. Hey, these guys were serious!




Alright, people are on the grounds now, as  people were coming in! 




 Those jolly hosts, those high heels. Yikes!




Cultural presentation from every Regions, while am lurking around! 




 You gotta miss this TV Area of the Dorm. Hey, in our time there’s no prints on those walls.




Okay let me say this to you, it’s the most unique, non-boring and comprehensive cultural celebration you’ll be into. Its like tourism galore featuring the festivals, delicacies and exotic tour experience of all regions and provinces of the Philippines, or what have you. Okay, beat that.



So its preparation time. Let’s do some make-up and styling…






 Naks naman! Ati-atihan? I see you Gia and friends :))




Great outfits and poses guys,  I like the nails! 🙂 




 Wohoooo! Tribal dress. Wonderful!




 Most exotic, intricate, full of effort fashion I’ve ever seen here!




Cleo? You’re dressing up as Maria Clara with that full blown make-up? Fun! Hi, make-up artist. 🙂 Shiphrah Gold Belonguel




Yay, cute smile right there, those stylists were gorgeous too, right? 




 Haha, That’s Dinagyang of Ilo-ilo get-up. Hmmm, Angilhiza killer smile!  Okay,  you too Gia! :))




 Region 3 for the win, they have a team for styling their models. Sosyalin! Bet, those wings were heavy!




 Mirror mirror on the wall, pretty make up na!!!