It’s Confirmed: The Bunso Is The Funniest in The Family

A study is finally confirming that youngest-born siblings are the most humorous in the family!


If you’ve ever wondered why Junior seems to have more comedic timing than you, then wonder no more: A study by YouGov found that first-born children feel heavier responsibilities than their younger siblings. Younger children, on the other hand, are more easygoing and relaxed, and with a good sense of humor.

A study that examined 1,800 British adults with their personalities rated alongside their siblings’ found that 36 percent of firstborns thought they were the funniest sibling, compared to 46 percent of those who were born last. Last-borns also admitted that they felt that they were more favored by their parents.

Of course, while it may seem that the younger sibling is the more likeable one, this poses as another point for the older sibling — because they have had a go earlier in life, they tend to be more successful than their younger siblings as they have had to figure things out for themselves earlier, making them feel more organized and able to prioritize.

Do you agree with this study or not?


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