It’s All About Sweets: Give a Sweet Treat – Hassle-Free!

It’s All About Sweets: Give a Sweet Treat – Hassle-Free!


When in Manila, you can be busy yet still be a host and have a good time. Being hospitable is inherent in all of us and from time to time, we love to treat our friends and loved ones, may it be on a special occasion, quick office team huddle or during scheduled hang-outs with our barkadas. Even an ordinary day can turn into a happy and memorable one when we share funny stories and hearty laughter with others over good food.

However, giving a treat can at times be arduous. You know the drill—bring the utensils, ensure that the food is not only delicious but presentable as well, and the list goes on.

If you are looking for a convenient way to entertain your friends or guests, serving sweets, especially cupcakes, is a hassle-free yet classy way to do so.  You don’t need any utensils. You don’t even need to worry if the MRT and the building guards will let you enter with a knife because you don’t need to divide anything with it. Your only homework is to make sure that the cupcakes are good both inside and out.

Last Friday, cupcakes from “It’s All About Sweets” were delivered to our team. With nothing else to think about (utensils, table napkin, plates), all we needed to do is find out if it was something our taste buds would enjoy. Read on and see if these sweets can be your next treat for your friends and loved ones.

It’s All About Sweets’ Red Velvet and Rainbow Cupcakes

"It's all About Sweets" Red Velvet & Rainbow Cupcake

 “It’s All About Sweets” Red Velvet & Rainbow Cupcake [Photo Credits: Ling Salaverria & Daemon Villamin]


The package is simple and can still be improved on, but I kinda like the minimalistic style — brown box wrapped in red lace. The box is designed to have deeper enclosures for the cupcake, so even when I tried to carry it sideways, most of the designs were still intact. Also, the rose frosting design is superb. Presentation: check!

How about the taste? I asked the experts from our team to help me judge the taste of these cupcakes. Check out their reactions:

The jury BEFORE the bite [It's All About Sweets]

 The jury BEFORE the bite

[It's All About Sweets] Snapshot of the jury during the bite: Ling Salaverria & Daemon Vilamil

 Snapshot of the jury during the bite: Ling Salaverria & Daemon Vilamil

It's All About Sweets

Their reaction after the bite. Haha!


Ling’s verdict: “Rich, thick, yummy frosting.  [There’s a] need to improve on the texture of the cakes, [which is] a bit dry [and] needs to be moist enough. The taste of the cake compliments the frosting (not too sweet).”

It's All About Sweets

View of the core


Daemon’s Verdict: “The cupcake is generally good. Visually appealing, though a bit small– nearly bite-sized (at least for me).The frosting looks soft, but is actually thick– which is a good thing. It has the right amount of sweetness that didn’t overpower the whole dessert. Though the frosting could have used more sprinkles. As for the bread, it has the good amount of sweetness, though it could have been a little bit more moist. The bread generally has the taste of it being dry. Overall, I would order the cupcakes, not only for the taste, but for the price as well.”

The rest of the jury:

It's All About Sweets

 I took a quick shot of Aizza before she took a bite. What will be her verdict?

It's All About Sweets

 The rainbow cupcake 

It's All About Sweets

Paolo Rendor right after tasting the Red Velvet.


Aizza Ang’s verdict: 

“Taste: Sweetness is balanced. Especially the icing.. The icing is not too sweet which is good. Rating: 5/5
Texture: Texture is perfect. Rating: 5/5
Color: The color of the chiffon is slightly pale (which is more evident when you have already taken a bite of the cake). I think it would be more appealing if the color will be a little brighter. Rating: 4/5
Design: I would like it better if it had more candy sprinkles. 🙂 Rating: 4/5″

It's All About Sweets

Baking is an art! See how the colors of the rainbow cupcake were properly aligned.


As for the aesthetics, my favorite one is the Rainbow cupcake. The alignment and the choice of the colors lend us an idea of the precision possessed by the pastry chef. Overall, I find the Red Velvet and the Rainbow cupcakes as the right kind of sweets for team huddle, girls’ night out, children’s party or pajama parties. It is not too sweet and for those who can easily have sore throats upon eating sweets (I know exactly how you feel), I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy these.

Ayie Baniel also likes it: 

“Presentation is beautfiul – the cupcake colors are cute and vibrant. 
Frosting- I especially love the texture and sweetness of the frosting. 
Cake – Cake itself was moist. just as I prefer it. (I am very particular when it comes to cupcake consistency, I don’t want it dry nor too moist). 🙂
Not too sweet and blended well with the frosting for a perfect bite! :)”
The rainbow cupcake definitely won lots of smiles.

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