Italianni’s at Nuvali: Finally! Fine Italian Food in Sta. Rosa Laguna

When in Manila, if you like great food, great wine and great company plus a recipe originally from Italy with a twist for Filipino taste,  we go to Italiannis. But at South, where the sprawling first class subdivisions, gated communities and first class cities are accommodating more and more people because of the BPO industry, we don’t need to go to Manila to experience and taste the delectable mouth watering menu from Italiannis. 



At Solenad Nuvali located at Santa Rosa Laguna under Mayor Arlene Arcillas, Itallianis open it’s doors for us not to go far. When in Laguna, the only Italiannis branch will be found here. At Solenad 1 & 2 at Nuvali is poised not only a shopping destination of the south but a food trip destination because of the restaurants.  To date, business establishments have already sprung and in weekends, it has become a haven for nature lovers. This 4 hectare man-made wonder is not just for nature’s aesthetics but is a fully functioning recyclable source of water – to water the plants and trees in Nuvali Complex and a relaxing time to experience Italy through Italiannis. 



It’s lunch time and these are the great food I tried and planning already to go back with my whole family with me. 



For starters: 



Italian Pockets -Php 350



Chicken and shrimp, mushroom and bacon, tuna and spinach, wrapped in a special dough and crisp fried. 







Four Seasons- Php 595



A season to feast! Crispy Romaine lettuce, tomato, green apple, dried berris, grapes, caramelized walnuts, Parmesan flakes. Topped with crispy honey shrimp served with four seasons dressing. 





Shrimp Penne Mascarpone- Php 525



Penne Pasta, succulent shrimps in light cream sauce tipped with mascarpone cheese








Seafood Mango – Php 625



Mixed Fresh Seafood in pesto cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, topped with mango. 







Crispy Pork Ribs- Php 425



Deep fried tender pork ribs, marinated with itallian herbs and spices with garlic rice, seasonal vegetables and spicy scallion dip.







New York Cheese Cake- Php 450



Classic New York Style cheesecake served on a bed of strawberry amaretto sauce. 




red velvet1

 Red Velvet Cheesecake- Php 395




Creamy white chocolate cheesecake batter baked on a real velvet cake layered with semi sweet chocolate chips, topped with cream cheese icing. Drizzled with chocolate ganache and dusted with red velvet crumbs.






Budino di Pane- Php 325



A delicious and comforting italian version of an old favorite bread pudding. Made of sweet dough, full cream milk, raisins and sprinkled with almond nuts and amaretto sauce.



When in Manila and when at Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, taste the greatness of Italiani’s. Italliani’s offers an American -Italian cuisine in a shared style dining concept served with ward hearted hospitality.








Italianni’s brought the Italian family art of eating for everyone to enjoy. Every meal starts with a freshly baked Tuscan and Foccacia bread dipped in olive oil and aged balsamic vinaigrette. Itallian’s menu is prepared with the finest ingredients and built on a wide selection of classic American- Italian flavors. What are you waiting for? Relax and dine at Italianni’s Nuvali.






Solenad Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna

Contact No.: 5560549 / 9011401
Email Address: italmoa@bistro.com.ph
Italianni’s at Nuvali: Finally! Fine Italian Food in Sta. Rosa Laguna