Isla Una: Experience the Best of Pinoy Food

Fully experiencing a culture means letting yourself indulge in the place’s food. Our country is known for its colorful history and equally fascinating way of life. With more than 7,500 islands, there is no faster way to experience the Philippines than by eating its great cuisine, heavily inspired by different provinces and the country’s rich history.


Isla Una, a newly opened restaurant in Pasig, focuses on serving delicious authentic Filipino dishes to its customers. This 3-story gem offers an array of Pinoy favorites, most of which go perfectly with a bottle of beer in hand and the company of your favorite people.


One of the things that we like about the place is its distinct yet classy interiors, with each floor providing a different ambiance for its customers. The first floor has more of a casual dining feel – perfect for a family get-together or for formal meetings. The second floor feels a little more hip with its flashy painting and a bar set-up. Lastly, the top-most floor offers an alfresco area that’s perfect for those who want to have a nightcap while enjoying the beautiful cityscape of Pasig.


Sizzling Bulalo – Php490

Aside from the ambiance, of course, the food is something worth checking out at Isla Una. During our visit, we were able to try their Sizzling Bulalo, which quickly became our favorite. The beef is smothered with creamy mushroom sauce and sprinkled with herbs, which perfectly blend with its tender meat. It is pretty much heaven served on a plate.


Prawn Aligue – Php280

We were also able to try out their prawn aligue, where the prawns are cooked to perfection and mixed with creamy aligue and cheese. It’s a savory treat and can easily be paired with plain steamed rice. Don’t be fooled by the serving, though; the prawn aligue is meant to be eaten in small amounts as it’s already quite tasty on its own (and too much of it may cause hypertension).


Yamang Dagat – Php410

Yamang Dagat, their seafood soup, is also quite a delight. A mix of prawns, squid, and mussels are cooked with a secret broth, bringing out a refreshing taste that will remind you of the ocean.


Kare-kare – Php360

Aside from that, they also have Pinoy favorites like Crispy Pata, Laing, Sinigang, and our personal favorite, Kare-kare. Although they only have a limited selection, their desserts are also worth checking out.

They have the staple leche flan, yema palitaw, and their tempting chiffon de leche, sweet enough to top off your flavorful Pinoy meals.

Isla Una truly captures the beautiful island life in the Philippines. With its promising menu and affordable meals, it’s definitely worth the visit.


Isla Una

City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

(02) 650 21 53


Instagram: @islauna