Is this familiar blue building IKEA PH?

Recently, this photo of a familiar blue building went viral on social media.

Chuvaness posted about it on Twitter and it got a lot of us excited that this might be the coming of IKEA in the Philippines.

It’s not that difficult to think that this might be IKEA PH’s upcoming store. After all, IKEA buildings have a certain identity – the blue facade with hints of yellow. The viral photo only missed a huge IKEA sign.

Photo from:

Moreover, for years now, there have been rumors that the furniture giant will enter the Philippine shores soon.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t IKEA PH just yet.

According to Inanc Balci, CEO and co-founder of Lazada Philippines, the building in the photo is Lazada’s fourth warehouse. He confirmed this via a Facebook post.

And the wait continues…

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