Is Finding a Lifetime Partner All About Romance? Enchong Dee’s Touching Story Proves It’s Not

When you hear the word “lifetime partner,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, the term lifetime partner is instantly perceived as referring to a romantic partner. But is that always the case?

Actor and former Philippine national team swimmer Enchong Dee proves that it’s not. In a touching video released last weekend, the swimmer shared with the world a personal, emotional story that gave the public a chance to see a side of him we all haven’t seen yet. In the video produced by Sun Life, the top insurance company in the Philippines, Enchong talked about how his parents got him into swimming, his life as a national athlete, and his struggles as he was first thrown into showbiz. Above all, Enchong opened up about the person who was behind all the ups and downs in his life—his former swimming coach and good friend, Coach Caloy.

Enchong with his swimming coach, Coach Caloy

“He believed in me,” an emotional Enchong said in the video. “He believed in me. That’s why I believed in myself.”

What Enchong’s story tells us is this. The notion that a lifetime partner is about finding romance is not always true. It’s not. After all, in this world we now live in, there are many things that can just be as important as romance—friendship, connections, a feeling of security with something or someone. While it is true that having romance is nice, it’s just the cherry-on-top. It’s not the be-all, end-all in life. For many people, like Enchong, the true definition of a Lifetime Partner is still about who inspires them and pushes them to be the best person they can be.

See a different side of Enchong as he opens up about swimming, his showbiz career, and the person he considers his Lifetime Partner in this emotional video below:

At the end of the day, your lifetime partner could be anyone—your parents, your friends, your siblings, maybe even your passions, or yourself. Because in truth, a lifetime partner is someone you can count on, someone who believes in you, and who makes you feel secure. A lifetime partner is someone who makes your life brighter.

More inspiring personalities like Matteo Guidicelli, Piolo Pascual and son Iñigo, and Charo Santos-Concio opened up about their lifetime partners in a series of videos produced by Sun Life. Catch the premiere every Saturday this July on Sun Life’s YouTube Channel.

Next weekend, tune in as Matteo Guidicelli shares the story of “Nonno,” which is Italian for lolo, in an intimate peek at the actor’s life as a son and grandson.

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