Here’s Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Be Financially Independent

For many millennials, one of their life goals is to be financially independent. We want to have a house, a car, trips abroad, and have enough for necessities and some savings. But being financially free doesn’t just mean saving, opening a bank account, or starting a business. It involves discipline, a bit of sacrifice, and a little know-how of how investments work. It can be intimidating and confusing, but it’s something we need to learn to turn our financial dreams into a reality.

Thankfully, Sun Life Financial launched the Bright Ideas section of the website, which is overflowing with tips on how to be financially independent.

Sun Life believes that everyone can be independent and be able to celebrate their milestones, nurture their health, and grow their wealth if they have the right information and the right tools. With Bright Ideas, readers can do all these without breaking a sweat.

Bright Ideas is divided into three essential categories. For the Preparing For Life Milestones, readers can learn more about the Sun Smarter Life Elite, a protection and savings plan. It provides double life insurance coverage throughout one’s lifetime, plus clients can get cash benefits that they can use for emergencies and other essential expenses like education and bills.

For Protecting Health, readers can learn about the GoWell and the Sun Fit and Well campaigns. GoWell is a wellness advocacy program and community aimed at helping people live healthier and brighter lives. The website is filled with helpful tips including recipes, fitness routines, and helpful essays to lead a more mindful and healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sun Fit and Well offers explainers on the different types of insurance, including health.

For Building Wealth, more information can be found about the Achiever Fund, which aims to generate long-term capital appreciation through equities, fixed income securities, and alternative financial instruments, adjusted accordingly as 2028 approaches. There’s also the Prosperity Card, an investment gift card worth P1,000 or P5,000 that may be invested in any of the mutual funds managed by Sun Life.

Also available on Bright Ideas are calculators that let readers compute how much life insurance they need to cover their loved ones, how much they need to set aside to meet their future financial goal, and even track expenses. It even has a personality test to guide readers towards financial wellness.

Planning for the future can be daunting and intimidating, but not when you’re equipped with the proper information and resources. Now, things can be brighter with Sun Life’s Bright Ideas!

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