Is A Pokemon Live-Action Film in the Works?

After 20 years, will one of the most popular game franchise finally have a live-action film adaptation?


According to reports, three major film companies are locked in a bidding war for rights to make a film adaptation of Nintendo’s popular monster-collecting game Pokemon.

Legendary (Pacific rim, Warcraft), Sony (The Amazing Spiderman, Underworld) and Warner Bros. ( Lego Movie, Batman V Superman) are reportedly the three film companies eyeing for the film right.

“A top-secret auction for film rights to the Pokemon franchise is nearing completion with  Thomas Tull’s Legendary Entertainment attempting to nudge aside Warner Bros., which has pursued  the property aggressively, according to sources. Sony also is said to be very interested.

” Hollywood inside reported

Since it’s release in 1995, Pokemon has grown into one of the biggest names in gaming, garnering millions of fans globally and has spun Animated films, and an animated series on the game. As part of the franchise’s 20-year-anniversary, they recently announced a release of an  augmented reality game called Pokemon GO.

What do you think of a film adaptation of Pokemon? Yay or Nay?