“Pokemon GO” Tests Set to Begin This Month

If you’re as much of a Pokemon fan as I used to be (and still am, to be honest), then you’ve probably been waiting for “Pokemon GO” to be released with baited breath since September last year. Well, field tests are finally set to take place in Japan later this month.

While only people in Japan will be able to take part in these field tests before the launch, the good news is that Android users and some iOS users with Google accounts will be able to register for it once the game is launched later this year.

Pokemon Go Device


Photo from Pokemon.com

As mentioned in our previous article about “Pokemon GO”, people will be able to catch, train, battle and trade Pokemon in the real world the way that we do in the games. The Bluetooth device in the picture above is the accessory that players will use with the game. I. Cannot. Wait.

Who else is excited for this? 🙂