IPTL: Mavericks Move to India With Three Wins From Manila; UAE Royals Bags Their First Win in Manila

The Philippine Mavericks are going to India with smiles on their faces.

After an edge-of-the-seat match between the Indian Aces and Philippine Mavericks to close the Manila leg last night, the Philippine Mavericks came out on top.

PH Mavericks

The Mavericks won first set thanks to Mark Philippoussis’ powerful play against the Aces’ Fabrice Santoro. The set ended 6-4 for Mark.

But the Aces responded in set two, with Ivan Dodig and Rafael Nadal playing like a natural doubles team against Richard Gasquet and Edouard RogerVasselin; it was 4-6 for the Aces.

Serena Williams and Treat Huey took the stage for Mixed doubles in set three for the Mavericks, but the Indian Aces’ Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza proved to have better rhythm and pace. The set ended with 3-6 for the Aces.

But Williams wasn’t going down with a fight. The tennis superstar took down Samantha Stosur 6-3 to end the fourth set for the Mavericks.                           Serena Williams IPTL Manila Peter Baltazar

With the Mavericks and Aces tied at two sets each, it was a deciding game coming in the fifth and final set between Rafael Nadal and Milos Raonic.                                                                                                                                                                                                        International Premier Tennis League IPTL Manilal when in manila (4)

It was a tight match between the two players, which reached a heart-stopping seven-point shootout. The shootout reach 6-6, but Milos Roanic took the final point to end the set at 6-5, giving the Mavericks their third win in the Manila Leg.

UAE Royals vs Singapore Slammers

the UAE Royals, on the other hand, bounced back from two straight losses in the Manila leg, taking a strong win against the Singapore Slammers.

Ana Ivanovic took first set for the Royals, beating Slammers’ Karolina Pliskova 6-5 to mark a strong opening game.

To continue their winning game, Goran Ivanisevic powered through Carlos Moya for a 6-4 win in set two.                                             International Premier Tennis League IPTL Manilal when in manila (3)

The Royals proved just how much they wanted to win the match in set three. The Royal’s Mladenovic/Nestor tandem took down the Slammers’ Bencic/Kyrgios with a powerful team play too end the set at 6-4.

But the Singapore Slammers weren’t going to let the Royals dominate the match by taking the men’s doubles match at the fourth set.

Berdych/Nestor fell to Melo/Kyrgios, winning only 2 games to end the set at 2-6.                                                                                                    International Premier Tennis League IPTL Manilal when in manila (2)

The final set sealed the win for the Royals. Tomas Berdych, who played against Nick Kyrgios, won 6-4 to close the fifth set.

Currently, the Indian Aces are in the lead with a 54.4 game win percentage, while the Philippine Mavericks are in close second with 53.

7%. The UAE Royals, who entered the Philippine leg as the top-seeded team, is now running on third place with a game win percentage of 50.2%

IPTL will move to New Delhi, India for the third leg, where the India Aces will have home-court advantage.

Did you enjoy the last day of the IPTL here in Manila?

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