Introducing: The Starbucks Card


Introducing: The Starbucks Card 


When in Manila every Starbucks lover should have a Starbucks Card. Own one, earn stars and be rewarded.

Last August 6, 2013 a few lucky bloggers were invited to experience and see for the first time, the Starbucks Card

This is Starbucks’ way of saying thank you to their loyal customers.



Cute cardboard cut-outs placed in each table


Cute cardboard cut-outs placed in each table


We were given a complimentary drink of our choice as we arrive at Starbucks (The Fort) Drive-Thru. And ofcourse I chose my favorite drink, Chocolate Chip Cream!



My drink and a huge Starbucks Card




Ms.Jamie Silva (Loyalty Manager) explained to us what the Starbucks Card is all about.

“The Starbucks Card is a stored value and loyalty card that offers customers rewards when making purchases at over 210 Starbucks stores here in the Philippines.” Customers can earn 1 star for every purchase of ANY handcrafted beverage, 250g of whole bean coffee or  a 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready brew. Customers can then use their accumulated stars to redeem: ANY handcrafted beverage for 12 beverage stars, any 250g of whole bean coffee for 10 whole bean stars or any 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for 10 Starbucks VIA stars.



Ms.Jamie Silva explaining to us the perks of having a Starbucks Card


Starbucks Card presentation 


Bloggers listening and all excited to experience the Starbucks Card


After Ms.Judy explained to us the benefits of the Starbucks Card, everyone got all excited as they distributed P1,000 cards to everyone!






My own Starbucks Card! Yay!(:


What’s more? The Starbucks Card is a safer and more convenient way of buying your coffee. Customers can activate one for a minimum amount of P300 and it can be reloaded up to max. of P10,000. It’s also nice to know that you can register your card at: www.starbucks.ph/card and have your balance protected should you lose or misplace it. 

Registered cards will also receive a complimentary Grande handcrafted beverage instantly and a slice of cake every year on their birthday! Amazing isn’t it?



Registering our card online


While everyone was excited to register their card online. The Starbucks team also served food to everyone in the event.



Yummy sandwiches!


And MORE! 


All in all it was a fun night for everyone as we all get to experience and meet the new Starbucks Card which will soon be a staple in everyone’s wallet!



Loot Bags for everyone! WOW!(:


So what are you waiting for? Go get a Starbucks Card  now and get rewarded!


For more info check out:

Starbucks Philippines (facebook)



Introducing: The Starbucks Card