Inspiring: Woman Arrives in Time to Save 17 Dogs Scheduled For Euthanasia

For a veteran dog rescuer, the call Bamba Concepcion received last Thursday was hair-raising. A pound in Meycauayan, currently housing 17 dogs, was going to put the dogs to sleep the following day. The caller was pleading for a rescue. How can she say no? But how can she manage more rescues when she already has 70 dogs in her care? And with only a day to spare, how can she raise enough money in time to pay the 500-peso claiming fee for all 17 dogs?

I saw the frantic pleas made on Facebook, as well as the decision to actually do the rescue. It wasn’t smooth sailing at the dog pound as well. There were people who might have taken issue with the rescue, reportedly. From what I gathered, there might have been accusations from some directions of using dogs needing rescue to gain social media fame.

Despite these issues, she reported that she managed to pull out all 17 dogs and has given them shelter at her home. Check out the photos.

Bamba Conception Meycauayan Dog Pound Rescue 3

Bamba Conception Meycauayan Dog Pound Rescue 3

Most of the dogs were sick, lethargic, and infested with parasites.

Bamba Conception Meycauayan Dog Pound Rescue 3

However, Bamba says there was an immediate change in their demeanor after being taken out of the pound.

Bamba Conception Meycauayan Dog Pound Rescue 3 Bamba Conception Meycauayan Dog Pound Rescue 3
Bamba emphasizes:

This is not for fame. This is for the dogs’ happy endings. Sa lahat po ng mga tao na walang sawang nagtitiwala sa kakayahan ko, salamat po.

Rescue over. The next stage is rehabilitation–and for that, she will need to feed, provide veterinary care, and socialize the dogs. She is now appealing for donations of dog food, rice, corn grits, dog soap, and nutritional supplements for pets. Any assistance for veterinary care will also be greatly appreciated.

You may drop off your donations at the shelter located at 451 Sampaguita St. Manzano Subdivision, Marilao, Bulacan (just across SM Mall).

You may reach Bamba thru her mobile number 09172782417.

On dog pounds

Cities are mandated by law to catch stray animals to prevent the spread of rabies. Owners are usually given 3-5 days to claim their dogs. If no one claims the dogs, then they shall be euthanized at the end of the holding period. This happens every week all over the country. Even if Bamba had rescued all the dogs she saw at the pound, new dogs will soon replace them. I’m afraid that dogs will continue to die in this manner if people continue to be irresponsible pet owners.

If we wish to solve the stray pet population, authorities in animal welfare say we must stop supporting practices that lead to the overpopulation of pets. Buying pets is one such practice. More likely than not, pet shops and street vendors get their puppies from puppy mills where animals are bred until they drop. We are encouraged to adopt, don’t shop; give homeless pets a chance. They also encourage us to spay or neuter our pets and conduct trap-neuter-return (TNR) in our communities.

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