LOOK: Fix-A-Cat Project Helps Out A Cat-Loving Lola

Taking on the responsibility of raising a pet is no easy task. It is not all about snuggles and petting. One has to be able to provide the pet’s basic necessities in order to survive. One of these needs is to be spayed or neutered.


However, not everyone who has the love for pets can afford spaying or neutering operations since it is a bit costly. Well, no need to worry because Fix-A-Cat Project is here to help.

Fix-A-Cat, in partnership with the generous hearts at the Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Clinic, is a movement that primarily aims to provide underprivileged puspin owners, fosters and rescuers with a spaying sponsorship. They also aim to spread awareness regarding the benefits of undergoing such an operation.


In their recent post, they shared an adorable story regarding how lolas, despite their old age and lack of steady income, wholeheartedly offer their piggybank savings and actively donate to the cause. Hearing the stories of these grannies about their felines, Fix-A-Cat was touched by these lolas’ love for their cats that they decided to sponsor the spaying/neutering operations of their pets.


This is indeed the kind of love that all pets deserve. Cheers to the lolas and animal-welfare advocates!

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