LOOK: Cats Of Manila Rescues 28 Homeless Cats!

With the alarming number of stray cats roaming around the country, it would really take countless efforts from different animal-oriented organizations and concerned individuals in order to rescue, save and adopt them.

Last week, the people behind the popular page called Cats of Manila did a rescue operation at Heritage Memorial Park where they saved around 28 cats living inside a makeshift house. The house was built by a lolo who regularly stops by and feeds these cats every single day. Before the said rescue, several videos showing the critical conditions of these cats have gone viral online. Despite the fact that they are homeless and unhealthy, the cats are overpopulating given that none of them are spayed or neutered.

After rescuing these furry felines, they took them to Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation (PPBCC) where they are currently confined and being treated. Once they get back in good shape, the cats will be spayed and neutered and will be up for adoption under Cats of Manila.

And so, if you’re planning to get a new pet soon, one of these cats will surely be glad to be part of your homes forever. Remember, why shop when you can adopt?

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