URGENT: Dogs on Death Row Need to be Adopted Now


The Marikina online community group is frantically calling out for people to adopt the dogs currently impounded at the City Veterinary Office (CVO) in Marikina. The dogs will be scheduled to be put to sleep if they are not adopted out soon. Currently, due to the efforts of the group, 14 out of the 42 dogs are now adopted. The group was also able to convince the CVO to temporarily halt the euthanasia of unclaimed dogs.

Normally, owners are given five days to claim their dogs. Sadly, many dogs caught by dog pounds are strays or abandoned and will never know the warmth of home. According to one comment, there are puppies and mixed-breed as well as Aspins at the pound. All the dogs are so scared. Please go to the CVO and adopt a dog! The red number on photo refers to cage number. There is no adoption fee. Just pay Php75 for an anti-rabbies vaccination as all dogs going out of the pound are required to have this shot. Please #adoptdontshop .


City Veterinary Office, Tel. 475-4719

Gil fernando St. Cor Aquilina Sto. Niño Marikina City

Dogs at Markina City PoundDogs at Markina City PoundDogs at Markina City PoundDogs at Markina City PoundDogs at Markina City PoundDogs at Markina City Pound

To those who will adopt, thank you! But please love your dogs like a family member and do not cage them and breed them for profit. There are millions of dogs and cats on the streets right now because of irresponsible practices. Spay or neuter your dogs as soon as possible. This will make your dogs healthier and happier. Many vet clinics and animal welfare organizations like CARA and PAWS offer low cost spay/neuter.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings


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