INSPIRING: Stage 4 Leukemia Student-Athlete Fulfills Dream of Graduating

“If you want something, go get it. Period.” – Pursuit of Happyness 

Such is the case for Maya Villa, a full-scholar student-athlete at the Rizal Technological University who was diagnosed with leukemia, as revealed by a fundraiser for her on

A post by her classmate, Kel Salazar, reached thousands of likes and retweets in just a few days with Villa, who was wearing a toga and graduation cap and a school administrator, also wearing a toga, surfaced online.

Kel Salazar with the username @ohkekel, captioned his photo set:

Fight Maya Tweet



“Kawawa yung classmate ko kasi may stage 4 leukemia siya, and wish nya gmraduate kaya inadvance yung graduation niya ????????????❤️ Pls pray for her”

Rough translation: “I pity my classmate because she has stage 4 leukemia, and her wish is to graduate so [the school administration] advanced her graduation. Please pray for her.”Since then, users have reached out and gave monetary donations and support through prayers and information dissemination.

Her fundraiser profile reveals that Maya plays arnis, “left her hometown, Iligan City, to pursue her love of the sport and the hopes of finishing a college degree”.

On a separate tweet, Salazar shares a photo of that indicates details for monetary donations.


We’re loving the fighting spirit, Maya! Get well soon!

You can learn more about Maya and send in monetary donations here.

Disclaimer: does not own these photos. All photos courtesy of Kel Salazar’s Twitter Account and Fight Maya Facebook page.


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