INSPIRING: Soldier Treats Two Children with Free Meal

The photo below (found on Lapu Lapu City’s Facebook page) is making rounds on Facebook and earning salutes from netizens, which shows a soldier treating two children with free meal.

According to the caption:

One act of kindness.

A friend took these photos of a man from the Philippine Air Force buying chickenjoy meals for these two street children in Jollibee, Gaisano Capital, Lapu-Lapu City.

Salute to you sir! 


Soldier treats street children Jollibee

One netizen tipped his hats off with respect and commented, “A lowly paid soldier but was able to offer food for street children while some corrupt politician were having a feast of taxpayers money..”

Another said, “No one has ever become poor in giving! Corinthians 8:12. Salute to you sir!”

This is truly inspiring!

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