INSPIRING: Singer Chito Miranda’s realization about beating bad habits

One proverb states that bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.

Really, bad habits are hard to break because your body and mind grow accustomed to it. But it’s possible to do away with it with patience and determination.

Parokya ni Edgar singer Chito Miranda took it to Facebook how he was able to overcome smoking. He states that he found a “bigger purpose” in quitting other than his singing career and opting for a better lifestyle – because of his family.

WHEN IN MANILA’s rough translation:

I was a smoker before.

I started smoking in the 6th grade. It was just a couple of tries, to be “cool”. It became frequent in second year high school because of Buwi. We’d hide at the side outside of the chapel next to his house, then we’ll smoke while sharing stories. Come third-year high school, that’s when I started to buy my own pack and smoke every day. That’s when I started smoking daily. That was 1992.

The feeling of smoking was great during drinking sessions, after eating, backstage while waiting to be called to perform, while writing songs, while recording, etc.

The truth is (even my bandmates now this even our sound engineers), that I couldn’t sing properly if I didn’t smoke. The normal process during our recording was, I’d practice singing over and over so I could study the song and the delivery of the vocals, and once I know how the singing style would be, I’d smoke for a bit, then I’d come back to the vocal booth, the flavor and quality of my voice would be just right.

I didn’t care about my health and it was okay for me to die early [back then]. Rock and roll, eh.

But four years ago, I decided to cut down because I realized that even if I enjoyed smoking, I enjoyed playing more, that’s why I thought of taking care of myself more – and more importantly, my throat. I’d puff here and there for a bit before singing at gigs or recording, so that my voice would be in good condition. But if there was no gig, I won’t smoke, whatsoever.

But a year after that, I found a bigger purpose… a more important reason to be healthy. More important than my band or the quality of sound of my voice.

I got married and started a family. I stopped smoking altogether when Neri was pregnant because I didn’t want our baby to be contaminated, hehe! And when Miggy was born, I decided to live as healthy as possible, because I wanted to take care of my family well until I get old.

I did have difficulty singing from the start, but I persevered and persuaded myself to sing without smoking. Eventually, I got used to it, and there .. my voice still sounds ugly. I don’t think anyone noticed, hahaha!

You simply need to be stronger than your cravings, and remind yourself why you quit in the first place.


What an inspirational story. You go, Chito!

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