INSPIRING: ’50-Peso-Baby’ Graduates from UP Diliman

It’s graduation season.

And here is one of the most inspiring stories about finishing college.

Jake Irwin Estrada posted the following on his Facebook page.

It told a story about his sister finishing school. Her sister was born at a time when his family was only charged P50 for his mother’s delivery because they are indigents. That is where it all started and why his sister was called the 50-Peso-baby.

Read on.

50 peso baby


I got my UP Student ID before this lady in the Sablay was born. A few days after, mother and my baby sister came home, and the hospital only charged us P50 as indigents. From then on Judea Estrada would be teased as the “50-peso-baby”.

This story is about sacrifice, struggle, dreams and sweet victory.

About someone who’d walk along Katipunan Avenue to ply her wares of homecooked meals and warm rice to office workers and hungry students.

Many times there weren’t enough to make ends meet, and there was very little that can be done except to grin and bear it. And keep pushing towards the finish line.

Today, as my youngest sibling graduates from college, my mother, Hermelina Estrada, graduates too–from struggle and sacrifice.

She never finished college herself but managed to raise all her 5 children on her own and put all 5 of them through school as state scholars.

I’m very happy for them both.

This is for all those who dreamed and carried on despite the insurmountable odds.

And won.

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