Inka Magnaye Shares Honest Thoughts on Liza Soberano and Shay Mitchell’s “Trese” Voice Acting

Amid online discourse regarding the voice acting of Liza Soberano in the recently released Netflix animated series “Trese,” popular Filipino voice actress Inka Magnaye has aired out her honest thoughts regarding the Kapamilya star’s performance.

“Finally watching [“Trese” on Netflix]. First note: Liza Soberano’s voice is perfect for the character. It’s got a great balance of youthfulness and grim. A bit more exaggeration could have added more dimension, even an exaggeration of a deadpan delivery (think Daria),” she began in a long Twitter thread.

inka magnaye trese

“Liza Soberano ISNT monotonous. She has dynamics in her delivery. However, she DOES tend to deliver her lines in almost the exact same cadence, and people confuse that with monotony,” she continued. “I believe this could have been a direction thing. Seeing as she is an actor and not really a voice actor, whoever was directing her during the recording sessions could have guided her a little more to explore different deliveries, but that’s just what I think. We don’t know din (also) how things were while they were recording so I’m just speculating. Anyways, these are just my thoughts!”

She then talked about the difference between acting and voice acting, in that one’s expressions must be heard in one’s voice.

Inka then compared the distinct delivery of the lines of Liza and Shay Mitchell, who voiced Trese in the English dub.

“It’s a little strange how she reads the [Filipino] incantations, but I like how Shay Mitchell does the deadpan badass delivery! Deadpan blase, deadpan annoyed, deadpan snarky. The little nuances are so satisfying,” she noted. “This is the nuance that Liza Soberano’s dub would have benefited from, but it’s not that easy to do so it’s understandable! Not even all VAs can do that. It’s something very trainable though, and an actress like her will surely be able to get that down with practice!”

She also reminded followers that this is Liza’s first voice acting stint. “It isn’t easy, especially for your first time! It comes with practice and I’m sure she will just keep getting better.”

But she also expressed her wish for real voice actors to land the roles being given to these actors and actresses in local animated films.

“At the same time, moving forward, I really do wish animated films would give the PH VAs a chance. The same thing happened with “Hayop Ka.” All these film actors are great, but they already have their films and teleseryes and they’ve had more than their fair share of work,” she said.

“So I hope that the next animated projects will ACTUALLY CAST VOICE ACTORS simply because that is OUR REALM. Ang dami nang (There are so many) films and tv shows in the Philippines, but when it comes to animation, we barely have projects na nga (really) like this where our MANY WONDERFUL PINOY VOICE ARTISTS CAN SHINE, binibigay pa sa (and yet they are given to) film actors. Support ALL Filipino talent. I promise you, WE ARE WORTH IT.”

Inka later clarified that she bears “no hate towards [Liza] at all” and that people can still be supportive of somebody they are critiquing.

“My sentiments about “Trese” are my genuine opinions. People need to realize that you can critique kindly. You can still be supportive. You don’t have to be mean to be honest. And you don’t have to attack when you disagree,” she said.

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