Meet the Inari Sushi Bake: A sushi bake wrapped in tofu skin

It KANI be done after all!

Food trends come and go, but sushi bake still seems to be going strong. That’s why many small businesses have started offering their take on this Japanese rice, seafood and cream cheese (or mayonnaise) casserole mix. Some try to even jazz things up by offering Korean, Mexican, or Filipino-style sushi bakes!

But just when you thought that people have exhausted every single sushi bake combination, La Mar Rosa unveiled their own take, and let’s just say it’s a pocket of fun!

Their creation? An inari sushi bake.

But first, what is an inari sushi? It’s basically a deep-fried tofu skin pocket (AKA aburaage) filled with Japanese rice — made to look like a pillow. The tofu layer is thin, sweet, and soft, while the rice is fluffy and slightly sour from the vinegar and wine mix. It’s a Japanese treat unlike any other!

Inari Sushi Bake: a pocket of fun!

While seemingly simple and straightforward, La Mar Rosa fills theirs with creamy sushi bake, thus calling it an inari sushi bake. That’s right — crunchy nori is replaced with a soft layer of sweetened tofu skin, which adds a new dimension of flavors. And the best part? It’s mess-free and easy on the hands since these rolls are already wrapped up nicely for you.

La Mar Rosa Inari Sushi Bake

Photo from La Mar Rosa PH

Currently, La Mar Rosa offers two choices of sushi bake filling: the classic Kani or Cheesy California. Prices are as follows:

Kani-filled inari sushi bake

  • 4 pieces: PHP 220
  • 8 pieces: PHP 400
  • 12 pieces: PHP550

Cheesy California inari sushi bake

  • 4 pieces: PHP 260
  • 8 pieces: PHP 480
  • 12 pieces: PHP 700

For orders and inquiries, you can contact La Mar Rosa over on their Instagram or via SMS at 09178717378. Aside from inari sushi sakes, La Mar Rosa also offers cold cuts and cheese platters that come with jams, chocolates, and crackers.

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