IN PHOTOS: 29 Reasons Why Japan Is Love

Japan is a dream destination for many. Its rich culture, well-preserved historical sites, delicious food, and amazing people are reasons enough to love this country. I have been to Japan more times than I can remember and it still astounds me every time. And even if I have traveled the country a lot of times, I’d still come back for more.

When asked why I love traveling to Japan so much, I can’t think of just a single reason. There is a lot to love about Japan. Its serene surroundings, its culture of honesty, its tasty food, and more.

I love how quiet it is even in public places. People stay quiet when traveling on trains as a sign of respect because some of those who travel on it are people who often use this time to squeeze in a quick nap from a tiring day. Also, no one plays loud music, be it in public or at home. I’m not sure if there’s a law for that but I have never heard blasting music even in residential areas.

I love how clean they are. Everyone has a sense of duty to clean up after eating whether it is in a restaurant, in the park, in the World Cup, or on the Shinkansen. It doesn’t matter, they always clean up and throw their trash in designated areas. And they strictly segregate at home. They have a specific schedule when to throw certain trash.

Anyway, I’d have to agree to what Yui Mendoza, the guy who looked for real-life locations of Kimi no na wa, said, “Why exactly I love Japan is a difficult question. Is it the history? Culture? Food? People? All these common reasons aside, here are 29 more reasons Japan is love!”

Here they are:

29. Trains. In addition to its transportation system that arrives unbelievably on time (on the dot), passengers are quiet and go about with others in mind.

love japan 1

28. Respectful commuters. This photo captures the rush hour in Tokyo where commuters line up for their turns on the escalators. There’s not even a sign telling people to do so, they do it instinctively.

love japan 2

27. A convenient place even for people with special needs even at bus stops, trains, restaurants, and concert venues.

love japan 3

26. Kawaii kids! <3

love japan 4

Tropa. ? #japan #japantravel #japantrip #cooljapan #traveljapan

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25. … and waitresses

love japan 5

24. Vending machines. It’s everywhere! “Everywhere”!

love japan 6

Vendo not break ?

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23. Locals. In Japan, people do not tell you how to reach your destination, they bring you there. As in the case of this chef sending me off to my accommodation.

love japan 7

22. Only in Japan can you find beautifully designed manhole covers, even in the areas outside the city!

love japan 8

21. Convenience stores. You can’t go a block without passing at least one — and it has everything you need: bentos, desserts, office items, and shipping services!

love japan 9

Lunch options: onigiri mula sa suking konbini. ?

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20. Japan’s concert scene. Your attendance and seat number are decided on the basis of the ‘lottery’ selection process. Also, you get to enjoy listening to the artists as applause is demanded “only after” every song number. There’s a concept of personal space, so expect not be shoved by frantic audience members.

love japan 10

19. Fuji-san!

love japan 11

You can see Fuji-san even on the Shinkansen.

18. The marriage of culture and modernity. A perfect example is Meiji Shrine, a Shinto jinja located right at the very heart of Tokyo, adjacent to the crazy Harajuku Street

love japan 12

17. Respect for religious norms. Wishing tablets, fortune papers, and a lot more! Buddhist temples built alongside Shinto shrines are a common sight.

love japan 13

16. Matcha-flavored-anything!

love japan 14

Uji Matcha and Black Sesame #icecream #Kyoto

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15. Ads. It’s common especially in train stations to be given a pack of tissue paper — with advertisement flyers attached! How can you say no to free tissue papers?

love japan 15

14. The crazy scramble at Shibuya Crossing

love japan 16

13. Expectation meets reality. What’s on the menu will be served to you exactly as it is — or even bigger and better. The hardest part of Japanese food-hopping is selecting one from the menu!

love japan 17

12. Deer. Especially in Nara, deer own every block!

love japan 18

Pangalan ng pet nila Pat. Pat the deer. ?

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11. Unique practices. In this photo are omikuji, fortune-telling paper strips. You draw one and get a fortune ranging from great curse to great good fortune. Should you pick a bad fortune paper, it is customary for you to tie it up on these wires to counter the curse. Interesting.

love japan 19

10. Coexistence with nature. Deeply rooted in Shintoism, Japan’s oldest religion. It is by Japanese beliefs that to achieve nature’s full blessing, one has to exist “with” and not “against” it.

love japan 20

9. Respect for the old. How Japan manages to preserve its cultural heritage while coping with modernization is still a mystery for outsiders. In this photo is Pontocho alley giving visitors a slice of the glorious Kyoto era.

love japan 21

8. The izakaya experience. A more casual, laidback bar experience to those looking for the most authentic Japanese vibe. In this photo are me, Ms. Bizen, Pres. Matagawa of Morioka, and friend-turned-family Mr. Shinji.

love japan 22

7. The Shinkansen

love japan 23

Racing? ?

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6. Cute Japanese students!

love japan 24

5. Ubiquitous recycled items. When I asked my Japanese friend why there are few trash bins in the streets, she replied: “We are expected to bring our trash home and reuse it if we can.”

love japan 25

4. Realize your anime fantasy! You can visit real-life locations of your favorite animations in a pilgrimage called “seichi junrei”. The closest encounter you could ever have with your fave characters.

love japan 26

3. The extravagance. Especially in Tokyo’s Harajuku area, you can dress up and be whoever you want. Where ordinary is not a word and everyone is basically Lady Gaga.

love japan 27

2. Security and safety. Lost my phone and had it returned 20 minutes later. Just one among the many lost-and-found stories of foreign travelers in Japan.

love japan 28

1.The people. My trip to Japan was special because of my beautiful Japanese friends-turned-family (Hiroyo-san, Rika-san, Ken-chan, and Yuki). Throughout my stay in Kansai, Yuki and her husband have been family to me — showing me around, serving the best food I’ve ever had my whole life, and exchanging stories! Home away from home. I will surely be back.

love japan 29

I’d have to agree with all of this! <3

Have you been to Japan? Do you agree with these reasons that Japan is love?