In N Out Manila: Best Animal Style Burgers n Fries to Open in the Philippines!


In N Out Manila  



When In Manila, wouldn’t it be GREAT to have one of the best burger chains from around the world, right here for us to munch on?! 

Well the long wait is over! No more having to crave In n Out Burgers for weeks, months or years on end! In n Out Manila is here and is ready for your In n Out Manila Burger cravings! 





Oh and of course, aside from the best burgers in the world, In n Out Manila would surely carry with them the best fries in the world! Try out the secret menu option of having the Animal Style In n Out Manila Fries as seen below: 





I still remember the very first time I had an In n Out Burger… I thought that this is one of the few things in the world that really lives up to the hype! 

Seriously, look how happy I am in this next pic! 




Now I know how it feels like to be that one girl from Texas who cried when an In N Out Burger finally opened close to her: 


Woman cries over In-N-Out Burger Opening


Now whether you love the regular menu items, or you have grilled onions on your In n Out burger, or if you like the secret menu items like having your fries animal style, or if you get the 3×3’s, 4×4’s or even the 8×8’s…. In n Out Manila / In N Out Philippines will surely be a hit!




I think part of the success of In n Out Burgers is the simplicity of their menu. Decisions are meant to be made in board rooms and after 3 hour meetings… when I go to a burger joint, I just want my burger!



In N Out Manila



For me, it’s usually a Double Cheese Burger with grilled onions, Animal Style Fries and a Pink Lemonade when I drop by In n Out Burgers. I’m hoping they have all that available for the In n Out Manila branch set to open today, April 1! 




When In Manila, be sure to come try this American favorite! Come by the new In n Out Manila branches and get yourself the BEST BURGER and FRIES in the world! Oh and one more thing…  HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! 

*Please do sign this petition to get an In n Out Manila branch! Just join this page – In n Out Manila Petition:







In N Out Manila! Best Animal Style Burgers n Fries to Open in the Philippines!

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