In Memory Of Chester Bennington: Band Launches Suicide Awareness Website

A week ago, all nu-metal genre fans and music lovers were all saddened by the news that Chester Bennington, the front man of Linkin Park, was found dead in his home.

Ever since, everyone has been expressing their sympathy through countless messages of appreciation and throwbacks to the days that we still have his raw and powerful voice to listen to and treat as an outlet of our own despairs.

As an ultimate tribute to the life of Chester and to help the people who are suffering the same way he did, the members of the band have decided to set up a suicide awareness website called which aims to give support to anyone who is struggling from depression and are having suicidal thoughts.

chester 1

chester 2

chester 2

The site provides suicide prevention information and suicide help lines in the Unites States. It also features a compilation of social media messages from the fans, fellow musicians, and his bandmates to commemorate the late singer.

Rest in peace, Chester.

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