In Case You Haven’t Seen Mikey Bustos in a While, This Is Him Now

If you love watching comedy skits online, you’ve probably seen one of Mikey Bustos‘ videos. He is a singer/songwriter, actor, comedian, vlogger, and the founder of AntsCanada, a YouTube channel that’s all about ant-keeping.

His appearance on Canadian Idol in 2003 kickstarted his career in music. Later on, he blew up on the internet with his acapella cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” in 2014. With plenty of online creators today, we just wanted to remind you that Mikey Bustos is still here…but with a new look!

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Photo from Mikey Bustos on Facebook

Despite the huge transformation, Bustos remains grounded and said, “No matter how much changes on the outside, never forget who you are on the inside.”

In another post, he posed with a carabao on a beach in El Nido, Palawan. “Just practicing for when I own livestock, but I’ll make sure to feed my carabao a bit more,” he claimed.


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