Imperfect Treats Will Satisfy Your Mochi Cravings

If there is one dessert (or is it a snack?) I cannot say no to, it’s mochi. Why? Because ever since that one place in Alabang Town Center closed down years ago, I literally had no idea where to get mochi in the area that I live in anymore. Imperfect Treats has brought happiness back into my life (and my family’s lives), delivering incredibly good mochi in all sorts of flavors that we are all able to enjoy at home.

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Imperfect Treats is run by Christa Gaye del Rosario, who produces the handmade mochi, and her sister, who is in charge of marketing and social media management. “The point of our shop and its name is that since these are all handmade mochi, they will not look all the same nor will they look as great as mass produced food, but they will still taste great,” Christa explains.

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Christa shares that Japan is one of their family’s favorite countries to go to because they love their food and culture. So, when Christa got hold of the ingredients for mochi, she decided to make some for her family and workmates, who then encouraged her to start an online shop. And I’m so glad she did! Literally every single flavor on Imperfect Treats’ roster is so delicious, I can’t even decide which one is my favorite. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

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Although they originally wanted to keep things as close to the traditional mochi flavors in Japan at first, they actually rely on requests and recommendations of their friends and family members now. They have them try their flavors first, and then get their opinions on what they can improve on. They are also currently experimenting on more flavors to give more of a hint of Filipino taste. I honestly have no complaints, though. Everything is divine and the texture is just perfect!

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Another thing I love about Imperfect Treats is that their ingredients are mostly locally sourced. They get their strawberries from suppliers who help strawberry farmers in Baguio, for example, and they get their Barako brew for their coffee cream mochi from Batangas.

As of now, Imperfect Treats delivers their mochi in Metro Manila through delivery apps. They also make sure to only take the boxes out of the fridge when the rider is near, so they stay cold during the ride. Ideally, you should refrigerate the mochi to keep them fresh, but my daughter likes to put hers in the freezer. Either way, they can last up to an entire week when refrigerated. Good luck having them last that long, though. :p

Photo from Imperfect Treats

While most Filipino desserts have a strong and sweet taste, Imperfect Treats’ mochi can satisfy your sweet tooth in a subtle way. If you miss and love mochi as much as I do, you definitely need to check out Imperfect Treats!

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