I’m Tired of Living in Manila, and I’m Tired of Hoping for Change

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Written by Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

The other day, I was scrolling down my newsfeed when I ran across a Facebook post recounting the everyday commute of a typical Filipino, who only sleeps 1-2 hours a day while commuting for more than 12 hours.

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Nothing new.

I’ve heard lots of testimonies like this; it’s the story of almost every Filipino living in Metro Manila. What can I do about it?

Ah yes, I can always vote for better government officials that will have the right brains to fix the country’s mass transportation system without sacrificing the poor. Or maybe, I’d be able to create some changes in society when I graduate from college. After all, I’ve always dreamt of making an impact on my country.

But today, I’m writing this article seemingly without any more of that hope or dream I had before.

Ight Imma Head Out Meme

I’m now tired.

I’m tired of having to wake up as early as 6AM for an 8:30AM class. I’m tired of having commute hours longer than my class hours. I’m tired of having to continuously worry whether I will reach my destination because the jeepney might be cutting its trip, or whether I’m riding the correct jeepney in the first place. I’m tired of having to wait an hour to hail a jeepney, while the police help a politician completing a challenge to hail one within minutes.

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I know a lot of people have it worse, but nonetheless, I’m tired. The inefficient commute system has taken such a huge toll on me that I feel perpetually exhausted and out of energy. Moreover, the apathetic attitude of our government officials have drained me of my hope for a better system.

Table Flip Meme

Now, I find myself looking forward to studying abroad while I was so keen on staying just a few years back.

I now understand why more and more skilled Filipinos are leaving the country to pursue their dreams elsewhere.

Maybe it’s because we are all tired and we could use a break from this place.

What do you think? Let us know!