Ice Makers Are The Newest “Budol” Trend For The Summer

If you spend most of your day online like a lot of people, you might have seen people raving about their recent online purchases. That’s where the trend of air fryers began.

Now that summer has officially begun, a new online shopping trend has popped up, too! Gone are the days of air fryers, there’s a new “budol” trend in town. Now, ice makers are the must-have items in your kitchen.

Ice makers like this can hold up to 15 kilograms of ice for 24hrs! If you need a whole lot of ice at one time, then an ice maker is definitely something you should have.

ice maker 4

Photo from Lazada

Other ice-making machines like this also have features that allow you to choose between big or small cubes. It releases a new set of ice cubes in just a few minutes. So, you can get fresh ice cubes anytime you need them.

ice maker 2

Photo from Lazada

Ice makers can instantly turn 2 liters of water into ice cubes without having to take up too much space in your freezer. It’s also perfect for small home-based businesses that demand a lot of ice. This ice maker can definitely make your business life easier.

ice maker 3

Photo from Lazada

If you’re someone who devours ice constantly, especially in this super hot weather, these ice makers are such a must-have. Fresh ice cubes will be just an arms’ length away at any time you need them. Perfect for homemade milk teas, fruit juices, and iced coffee daily.

Buy these ice makers here, here, and here.

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